Snowdog visitor at Cathays

Here at CCYCP we’re very excited to have a temporary visitor in th e shape of a ‘Snowdog’, who’s already made her/him?self at home, exploring the building – playing pool in the youth area, checking out the ‘what’s on’ notice board and hanging out in the Embassy Café. Riverside Sourdough made friends with our new arrival, offering a meal for two for the best name suggested – maybe with a Cathays theme? Get your thinking caps on…

Millimagic arranged the visit with the Snowdogs project, which is raising money for Ty Hafan – one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities. In preparation for the Snowdog’s farewell event on 8th, 9th and 10th September, this very special doggie will be decorated by Cardiff artists over the next couple of weeks. She (or he?!) will join the rest of the pack at the Capitol Centre and you can go and visit them all to say farewell before they’re auctioned off on 12th December. Maybe you could ‘give a dog a home’ for Christmas – all to raise funds for a very special charity. This particular dog is a piece of Cardiff history in the making – all will be revealed soon!

Find out more about the farewell event, where you can see ALL the dogs, here. Tickets are in half hourly slots, £5 per adult, £2 children.